Events at Brandt's Candies


For only $15 per child*, parties include the following:

  • A Special Tour of Brandt’s.
  • Each child will decorate his/her own chocolate “pizza” with candy decorations.
  • Everyone will get his/her own pizza box and hat to decorate.
  • Pizza, cupcakes and juice!

* A $50 non-refundable deposit due upon reservation, with remainder to be paid in full, at the time of the party.


For a tour of our shop, you can ride the Euclid Beach Boys Rocket Ship Tour.

For information about their tour, visit and scroll down to " Package Ohio #4 ".

Awards & Mentions

Time Warner Cable in the Northeast Ohio area featured Brandt's Candies, Inc. on their "Made Here" program.

You can view the video on YouTube.

Fox 8 Network's voted Brandt's Candies the winner as "Best in Northeast Ohio 2008" in the category of "Food & Drink/Best Desserts." Check it out by clicking here.

Also, check out our Testimonials page to see all the great things people have to say about our delicious chocolate!